8 Things You Must Know Before Odoo Implementation

Odoo is the next generation ERP solution and with the release of every new Odoo version, things have changed for most of the businesses out there. They can now choose to build their own website or dive deep into the mechanics of the business through the BI tools and techniques available in the latest version.

But, what makes a business choose Odoo as an ERP solution? The sheer amount of features and other factors drive businesses to choose the Odoo over any other business suite. So, does the story ends with the choice of ERP platform? Nope. There are many other things that need to be known before the Odoo Implementation. Implementation takes time, preserving, and skill by the company implementing it and we will go through some major points that can turn your project into a success.

1. Flexibility Provided by ERP Solution
ERP Solutions are necessary; they bring more synergy to the collaborative system, where each process can be easily managed through a centralized view. Moreover, the business can choose to implement a new process at any time and integrate it with the already existing ERP solution without much problem. Businesses should understand the scope and flexibility provided by the ERP solution and should always understand that

2. Process Covered By ERP Solution
ERP Solution covers different processes within the organization. It can be manufacturing-oriented, sales-oriented, or human resource-oriented. Before implementation, it is always a good practice to trace the processes that are needed to be covered within the ERP Solution. This can help the implementation team to take care of all the prerequisites and also estimate the cost associated with the whole ERP Odoo implementation.

3. Resources That will be Add Up or Strip Down
Resource handling is important for any organization. But, after Odoo ERP implementation, resources need to be configured accordingly. ERP brings automation and that makes many resources useless, including manpower. Organizations need to plan the resources which are to be added up to sustain the newly implemented ERP solution. Tracking resources will not only save time but increase efficiency.

4. Expectations from System
Systems are dynamic in nature with static sub-systems. To completely understand the working of a system, it is necessary for the organization to map the system expectations correctly. No system is perfect and can be improved with time and effort. Understanding the basic qualities of a system will help any business to stay content and grow in the near future.

5. Timeline for Implementation
Odoo Implementation consists of many small tasks. These small tasks can be stacked up in the timeline for a complete review. Ask the company that you are working with to provide you with a timeline for the implementation. This will enable the business to have an overview of the whole implementation process.

6. Cost for Implementation
The Cost associated is important for any business out there. Finding the best costing for the project is necessary for project success. Also, enabling flexibility in cost during implementation will open doors for the implementation team to be innovative.

7. Challenges That ERP Will Bring In
ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software suite that brings synergy, automation, and more control to the overall business process. Articulating the changes can be a good thing for any organization or business as they will ready to work with the challenges that come with it. One of the most important challenges is to adapt fast and that's what the next point is all about.

8. Training And Maintenance
Odoo Implementation complete, check. But, the major hurdles still remain. Training the workforce is important for the smooth execution of the ERP systems. Training can cost both time and money and that's why organizations need to plan ahead about the training of the workforce. On the other hand, maintenance is important for bug-free execution. Having a maintenance team always helps the cause and brings both productivity and efficiency to the system.

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