WhatsApp Integration Solution for Marketing Teams

Increase in Lead Quality


Measure & Analyze
Marketing Impact


Improvement in
Marketing & Sales Alignment


Reducing in
Marketing Cost


Improvement in
Marketing Efficiency

KWIM The Ultimate Marketing And Advertising Tool

Lead Generation

Generate Leads and Engagement Immediately

Keep engagement high with your leads. With our easy-to-use interface, you can set up automated messages and tasks to keep your customers excited about your product.

Preventing Lead Leakage

Preventing Lead Leakage

Powerful conversion tool for your marketing team. You can easily reach out to your leads and build a rapport, making it easy to close deals and increase sales.

Customer Re-engagement

Get Your Customers Back

WhatsApp marketing services from KWIM let you re-engage your customers with personalized messages and offers.

Connect With Customers

Connect With Your Customers

Our bulk WhatsApp campaigns can help you reach your customers on a personal level, and ensure they take advantage of your deals.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned Cart Recovery

You can quickly and easily remind your customers to complete their purchases by delivering custom notifications through WhatsApp.

KWIM Helps You Be More Efficient With Your Time And Resources

Customer Experience

Satisfy Your Customers With KWIM!

You can improve your CSAT scores by providing a better customer experience.


It's Time To KWIM Your Marketing!

Give your customers a better experience by tailoring offers and messages to them.

Customer Engagement

Unified Customer Engagement Experience

Allows easy and quick engagement with your customers so you can easily achieve your business goals.


Communicate With Ease, Wherever You Are

Perfect tool for looping in an agent when required without losing context of the conversation.

Native Integrations

Native Integrations

Makes it easy to integrate WhatsApp with your CRM and more.