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Current businesses are evolving at a speed of light. There are many cases when the old Odoo ERP solution just cannot keep up with the new changes. This is when the company wants to migrate to a better Odoo ERP solution, i.e. Odoo ERP. Other similar scenarios include migrating from old Odoo ERP version to the new Odoo ERP version.

Odoo Migration

Odoo migration is a structured approach. Our team knows the importance of step-by-step migration and always keep it structured with well-defined steps. The steps are discussed below.

Understanding the Existing System

The first step is to understand how the business processes work, how they interact and the way they transfer data with each other. Once, we know how the system works, we are confident enough to move to the next step, data extraction.

Data Extraction

In this step, we focus on the data of the organization and try to extract it into a different location using 3rd party software or add-ons. Once done, we recheck if the data is extracted without any errors.

Data Cleaning

Cleaning the data is an important part of the data migration process. The extraction process can easily creep in erroneous information. To make sure that the data is correct, we make the data go through the data cleansing process.

Field Mapping

Field Mapping is done after the data cleansing process. This maps the old data fields to the new data fields.

Integrity Check

Integrity Check is done after the whole data migration process is complete. In this step, we look for any errors or data corrupts and resolve them as quickly as possible. Once this step is complete, we declare the system to be ready for use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, technology and business are upgrading very quickly. As Odoo ERP is an Open Source your business can easily adapt to changes at budget-friendly rates.

The timeline and cost for Odoo migration depend on your requirements and numbers of tasks.

New versions come with new features and solution hence your Old ERP needs migration to the new version to stay pioneer in this competitive market.

Yes, you can migrate from one Odoo version to another Odoo version.

Yes, you can easily migrate from other ERP to Odoo ERP.

Yes, you can migrate data from excel sheets to Odoo ERP.

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