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Odoo Implementation is the most crucial element of any business transformation process, a right implementation not only saves time and money but can give a huge boost to the growth of an organization.

At 73lines we offer end-to-end Odoo ERP implementation and works strategically to get the best result out of the Odoo ERP implementation.

Odoo Implementation

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Get Started


Get Started
Setup & Configuration
Custom Module Implementation
Training 4 Hours 8 Hours 12 Hours
Consultation 4 Hours 8 Hours
Data Migration Upto 100 Records Upto 500 Records Upto 1000 Records
Assitance in Master Data Import
Support 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days
Customizations Upto 5 hours Upto 10 hours Upto 20 hours

Below are the steps, we take to ensure that Odoo ERP is implemented efficiently and effectively.

Approaching the Problem At Hand

Clear understanding organization requirements and future strategy is the most preferred way to achieve best results. Evaluation current pain points and assessing the right solution for better functionality and productivity.

Agile Methodology At Work

We understand the importance of time for any business. Our work ethics dictates the implementation process, and it goes through a series of steps to ensure the best results.

Requirement Research

The secret of a successful implementation is thorough requirement research. In this step, we develop specifications, QA, workflow and other important parameters analysis based on the organizational activities.


With clear requirement research, the next step is to correctly access the different metrics with the organization and help the key members to understand the key risks of the Odoo ERP implementation.

Project Planning

In project planning phase, we define the project activities and end results that will be performed and describe how activities will be accomplished.

Business Modelling

We go through your current organization business model and amend the system to work according to your business model and according to best business practices for the processes.

Solution Design

With proper solution design, we alway strive to make day-to-day activities a breeze to achieve greater productivity and work satisfaction.

Getting Odoo ERP up and running

With all the vital steps complete, we proceed with the Odoo ERP deployment and make it a success for you.

Data Transfer

With all the configuration and implementation done, it is high time to get started with the Data transfer from old system to the new system. The data transfer is done in a systematic manner so that no data is lost or duplicated.


Training is one of the most vital steps to completely utilize the whole system. A well-designed training plan makes it easy for organizational users to adapt the change.

Why Us?

  • Project Design, Analysis, Planning and Strategy
  • Creative And Technical Team
  • Goal Oriented, ROI-Driven Focus
  • A Streamlined / Quality-Driven Process
  • One-Stop Destination
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Value for Money

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Frequently Asked Questions

Odoo Implementation is the best way to transform your business process with new-generation applications that reduce the complexity and enhancing performance and productivity.

The timeline and cost for your Odoo implementation depends on various factors like the number of business processes that you wish to cover, number of users to trained upon etc.

One does not need to be tech savvy or expert to use Odoo ERP, any one with basic knowledge of computer can be trained to use Odoo ERP very quickly.

From our experience of ERP Implementation, we have been able to fulfill 90-95% of the business goals of our customers.

You don’t need any specialized person to manage your Odoo ERP, Just technology sound person is enough for it.

Depending on the support and service you required. You only need to pay for support packages based on hours of work.

Depending upon your business needs, we may include additional third party module or service on to of Odoo ERP, else simple Odoo ERP Community / Enterprise version is enough to fulfill any business needs.

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