Increase in Online Appointment Booking


Improvement in Patient
Engagement & Presence


Increase in
Billing & Registration


Improvement in Patient Reminders

Building Better Patient Experiences With KWIM

Manage Appointments

The Simplest Way to Manage Your Appointments

WhatsApp appointment booking is a great way for your patient/customers to schedule appointments with you.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

You can use KWIM to send your customers timely reminders for their appointments using official WhatsApp APIs. This will ensure that they never miss another appointment.

Report Collection

Simplify Sample and Report Collection

An automated system can send reminders to patients to collect samples and reports from your clinic or hospital.

Connect With Your Customers

Stay On Top of Your Follow-ups

You can follow up with your patients after consultations to check in on their progress. WhatsApp can help you provide that personal touch in healthcare.

Customer Support

Automated Customer Support

WhatsApp allows you to support your patients whenever they need it, even if you don’t have a live agent available.

KWIM! The Tool That Lets You Do More With Less

Customer Experience

Satisfy Your Customers With KWIM!

You can improve your CSAT scores by providing a better customer experience.


It's Time To KWIM Your Marketing!

Give your customers a better experience by tailoring offers and messages to them.

Customer Engagement

Unified Customer Engagement Experience

Allows easy and quick engagement with your customers so you can easily achieve your business goals.


Communicate With Ease, Wherever You Are

Perfect tool for looping in an agent when required without losing context of the conversation.

Native Integrations

Native Integrations

Makes it easy to integrate WhatsApp with your CRM and more.