8 Common CRM Mistakes, and How You Can Avoid Them

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a unique system of managing the current or future customer-centric operations of any company. This system dwells many amazing features like marketing, organizing, synchronizing sales, technical support, and customer support. This is why there are millions of companies out there who purchase or Develop CRM software by spending a good amount of money on them. However, even though they are clear about the services that they need, still they commit certain mistakes again and again, which can even lead to drastic results in the near future,

The future of CRM seems to be pretty bright yet there are many experienced companies who keep on repeating the same mistake, and finally get it right someday. To help you reduce these complications, here are a few mistakes that should be avoided when you opt for your own CRM development or implementation.

1. Confused With Your CRM Requirements
“Understanding the essence of CRM requirements is the key to having a successful CRM project”. This fact stands true for many cases. Organizations handling CRM Development often focus on technical terms and tend to neglect the requirements of leaders, sponsors or business teams who are associated with the project. Asking basic questions to them is a must like- “What are the exact reports that they need?” What are their expectations?

People believe that having a clear idea about the requirements is as important as the nuts and bolts of CRM. This is important because being aware of these integral requirements will help in preparing a definite strategy that can resolve a possible outcome that comes on your way; if not done so then later you have to repent with a plethora of reworking.

2. Keeping IT Firms in Charge
It’s true that your CRM can be placed in the right way only by a reputable IT firm, but keeping them on-charge is not such a wise decision to do. IT fixes only the software and technological aspects of CRM but other than that you even need the sales folks by your side to empower your business by giving the company the systemize workings that they need by keeping a keen eye on CRM Development.

3. Focusing on CRM Integration with ERP
Solutions like Odoo have always been the prime example of integrated CRM along with ERP but experts believe that both have their different ways. CRM is actually a system that is commonly used by the service or salespeople whereas ERP is a resource system is an overall full-fledged system that is used by all departments of the organization. Only minimal integration of ERP software with CRM is more than enough.

4. Underestimating the Needs of the User
There are many companies that know a lot about the necessity as well as the importance of CRM, but they do not implement it in the right way. Without being clear about the choices they often end up with something that is average for their company. Hence, having frequent communications is a must to know about the current needs of the user and work in accordance with that.

5. Wrong Approach to CRM Training
Educating the users a bit about CRM can be great because CRM software is intuitive yet basic ideas about this software can help people in using them in a much better way. Going with the right approach can definitely help a lot in this.

6. Caving For Customization Requests
Companies tend to allow too many customization requests than they actually should. This is not right because here you have to know about the difference between CRM customization and CRM configuration, excess customization is only going to put you in the path of pain which means lots of hard work for achieving average results.

7. Keeping Mobile CRM Strategy as an Afterthought
Let’s be clear companies need mobility and this is only possible when you bring CRM to your mobiles. So, for making it even simple going with a mobile CRM strategy should be the topmost priority

8. Thinking Price Is the Top Criteria
Price does play a major role but it is definitely not everything! In addition to that, evaluating CRM software and understanding the needs of an organization is a must. Companies should choose solutions like Odoo CRM keeping the price and flexibility of CRM Development in mind.

The aim of this article is to provide you first-hand information that will give you a good foundation in making a good CRM adoption decision. If you would like additional advice feel free to email us at [email protected] 

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