Top 8 Features of Odoo Ecommerce That Can Help You Beat The Online Competition

Odoo is an all-in-one management software, designed for companies and businesses. There aren’t many Softwares like Odoo available in the market. 

To explain the software, in a nutshell, Odoo is an amalgamation of all possible apps you will need to run your business and each app being in complete harmony with each other. 

With Odoo, you are getting all apps that are potentially needed for growing an online business which is seamlessly integrated and works perfectly with one another.

While this alone can be enthusiastic for many to take up Odoo as their ERP solution, many might bring up plausible questions. 

Ok, the apps work well in a commune but are they any good? What features do you mean by all possible features, do I get an AI(ans: no!)? How easy is it for me to work with? 

Well, my fellow skeptics and knowledge seeker, it's a healthy habit to ask a question and I will entertain all thoroughly. 

Not only does Odoo prove to be a great benefit for your online company, but it also gives you multiple edges over the contemporary competitions.

The software single-handedly manages all your needs from sales, finance, operations, human resources, communication, marketing and much more. Here we will give due attention to the Odoo eCommerce solutions. So without further ado, here are Top 8 Features of Odoo Ecommerce That Can Help You Beat The Online Competition.

1. Create your product Page
With Odoo eCommerce, you can easily create designs for your product page. 

This will increase the uniqueness to the page as well as show off your company’s branding effectively.

The designing aspect is as simple as dragging and dropping because that is what you essentially do. No coding knowledge will be necessary to create your dream website. 

2. Customize your product page
The software also gives you plenty of attributes to add to the products showcased on your page.

Attributes such as color, size, style, etc. can all be easily assigned to the products via the software. Again there is plenty of editing option to tweak and bring the page on par with your desires.

With Odoo eCommerce imagination is the only thing that can hold you back. You also get an array of themes, all having that professional designer touch which too can be customized to your likings. 

3. Optimized Marketing
The software can quickly help you increase your cart revenue. It can be programmed to recommend product accessories or suggested products automatically to your customers. 

Also, it can show alternatives to the products and hence increase exposure for all your commodities. Overall, Odoo eCommerce can and will give your customers one of the best online “window shopping” experiences. 

4. Market Management
Odoo eCommerce allows you to import and manage all your items as well as all your store information from a single location.

Again with seamless integration with other Odoo apps like Odoo POS and Odoo CRM you are in a treat for multi-channel sales software. 

5. Shipping
Major shipping carriers are also integrated within the software. Starting from UPS, DHL, to FedEx, USPS and much more you get all you need to achieve order fulfillment.

Tracking your packages directly from Odoo can be done. You can also choose between multiple rates from shipping carriers and print shipping labels easily within the app.

6. Customer Portal
The software comes with a dedicated customer portal that keeps all customer data organized. You customers can track their orders, download invoices and delivery orders as well as view their pending shipments.

7. Sales
From Odoo eCommerce, you can easily design and adjust your pricing strategy with a few clicks. Calculate the right prices using price list rules and implement them to maximize your overall revenue. The software will also enable you to create discounts and coupons quickly to attract your customer's attention. 

8. An all-in-one eCommerce solution
Along with Odoo eCommerce, you get not only an impressive eCommerce platform but also the functionality to maintain inventory and sales aspects like automated stock adjustment and reporting.

As stated earlier, all Odoo apps are seamlessly integrated with one another and just with the eCommerce software you get full compatibility with Odoo Website builder, Odoo Blogs, Odoo Sales, Odoo Email marketing and all of Odoo’s offerings. 

All in all Odoo eCommerce is a powerful eCommerce application capable of handling all your needs. Its primary advantage comes from its compatibility with an array of useful business apps that comes along with Odoo. 

Again being open source, the software is free and has a huge community of over 2 million people to back it up. It is also very user-friendly and easy to pick up. There aren’t many competitions in the market when it comes to Odoo, and the same goes for its eCommerce module.

By 73lines