Top 6 Reasons Why Smart Small Business Owners Go for Ecommerce

E-commerce has become a trend in last few years and increasing rapidly. Bigger companies have easily got adapted to this trend, however, small business owners are still hesitating to it. Usually, they fear that they won’t able to afford skills, knowledge and infrastructure required. However, E-Commerce has become quite advanced now, and it got easy to move an off-line business on-line. Business owners can now set up these systems with zero technical knowledge and a premium business theme design, thus small business owners have started to go with it, and below are few reasons why:

People are moving to on-line stores
Recent studies have found a dramatic increase in a number of people shopping during holidays. In 2015 consumers making their purchases on-line has been increased by 85% from 2014. 90% of adults are using smart-phones, thus, it will be definitely a loss of huge market if small business owners don’t opt for it.

Presence of Large Customer Base
The one thing is to have an e-presence with widespread knowledge related to your business, another thing is the convenience to run from your home or office. Small business owners have not started realizing that their market is the whole world, and to reach them they have E-Commerce as a bridge.

Lower Costs
If you are running an on line store, you don’t need to hire your staff in your locality, you can have out of your state or even out of your country. It will give you an advantage over labor and tax costs. It has also noticed that large portion of the cost to maintain the physical stores by employing staffs has been reduced drastically thus increasing the margin of profit.

Growth in Revenue
Usually, we congratulate small business owners for their growth when they open their new outlet, however, we totally forget that it might have cost them a lot which comprises of advertisement costs, recruitment costs, real costs etc. Now, one can do the same at quite a low cost by opening a store on-line. It will also double their income streams since they can trade on both home and abroad.

Convenience of CRM resources
Most of the small business owners worry about how they will manage such huge customer base available. However, CRM resources like Odoo is there to help them for managing such diverse and increased market.

Location Independent Management
Small business owners have also started realizing about the flexibility they get with E-Commerce. Since they now don’t need to be in their native place for running their business. They can go out for holidays in other states, country or somewhere on a beach, they just need to have a working system and open communication channels in place they are moving.

If you’re a small business or one soon to be, you need a quality and reliable business application development solution provider who can help you in making the on-demand Ecommerce store for your business.

By 73lines