Building Successful E-Commerce: What Should You Consider

The current E-Commerce market is getting competitive and there is no doubt that things are changing pretty fast. Back in the days, it was not easy to get started. The technology required to successfully run an eCommerce was too daunting for anyone to think about it.

But now the technological changes have made it possible to create value for anyone and get started. Platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, WordPress, Odoo are helping new businesses to take off. But has it become easy? The answer is no!

It has become tougher than earlier. There are now millions of competitors, some of which are big players who eat most of the market. There are many considerations that one needs to take before getting into the E-Commerce business.

Today, I will go through some of the key design aspects of building a successful E-Commerce solution. This will help survival easy and growing the company will be much easier in the long run.

Building Successful E-Commerce: What Design Aspects You Should Consider
Any system has its own design. Similarly, E-Commerce has a similar kind of design aspect attached to it. For the successful execution of business in the future, it is always a good idea to follow some aspects of E-Commerce which will result in a successful venture in the highly competitive market.

Shopping Cart That Converts

The most crucial aspect of any ECommerce website is the shopping cart. Without correct implementation, most of the buyers can just leave the shopping cart and move to another competitor. The shopping cart should be easily accessible and the perfect example would be Amazon Shopping cart.

It is accessible, secure, and offers great features for anyone. Adding new items or removing them requires no hard work, yes it feels intuitive and buyers are also secure from any hackers threat as the connection is secure with HTTPS. The checkout process also plays an important role in the successful transaction and if you make the user wait or redirect him/her, then there are enough chances for it to go wrong.

Give The Customer Everything They Are Looking For
Many users are curious. They take a good look around and then finally make the call. This is where the search capability of the search engine comes into play. The searchability of an e-Commerce determines how well the e-Commerce reaches the appropriate audience.

The search relevance should be great and results should not take more than 1 sec. Also providing filters for users can change the equation in favor of the e-Commerce business.

Product Page That Converts
The whole journey of a sale starts from the product page. It contains all the vital information with appropriate images, enabling the user to take a good look at what it has to offer. A good product page also provides other vital information such as the lowest possible price, discounts, video reviews, and specification of the product being sold. Another important aspect is how other user reviews reach the current buyer. User reviews are important as they provide real-world experience with the product/service.

Also, a good combination of colors can really make buying easy for the buyer.

Call To Action
A great product page doesn't get completed without a call to action button. Having a proper call to action is necessary for getting high sales and bring more profit to the business.

Secure Your E-Commerce Venture

Losing your sales to someone else? Or the customer doesn't like the security of the checkout page. There are more reasons for securing your e-Commerce website. You can buy SSL certificates for your business and use them to secure the whole website. This way customers will not be afraid to use their credit card details or other sensitive information.

A secure web site provides better trust to the customer than a non-secure one.

The above points are more than enough for making the e-Commerce successful. If you can keep these factors intact, your e-Commerce website will see exponential growth.

By 73lines