6 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Each and every one of us who has an online store ponders on how to increase overall traffic and sales figures. Again, the trend of online shopping is on high, and it is a very good time to capitalize on this opportunity.

So how do you gain a foothold in the e-commerce world, attract more customers and sell more products? Well, of course, you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad campaigns, but there is a cheaper way to tackle this.

Some small changes, which you implement to make a big difference and improve your e-commerce sales. So without further delay, here are 6 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales:

1. Upselling your products
Upselling means to persuade a customer to buy something additional or more expensive. Many don't even know some upgraded features or if additional accessories are available in the market, which they might even want.

Through upselling, you are making your customers aware of something they can have, which is better(though more expensive) than their primary choice. Your customer can then evaluate the benefits and confirm the purchase, and you will have extra sales. It's a win-win.

And the best part of upselling is that it is a totally functioning business strategy and has a whopping 20 times more effective compared to regular cross-selling.

The only thing you need to keep in your mind is that- your referred product must serve your customer's original need, the difference must be highlighted and has to be really good if you want them to pay that extra buck.

2. Resolve your customer’s hesitations
It is not merely happening with you, but also with many big brand e-commerce sites. Customers will add an item to their carts but forget about most of them during checkouts. Research shows over two-thirds of online shopping carts are abandoned. This is you, losing potential sales.

You should make the effort to resolve these hesitations because you know those people like these items, and hence it will be easier to sell them. Try throwing in a discount or free shipping offer to help them change their minds.

Again did you consider that these customers never meant to leave those items unordered and left your site because their computer crashed?

Mere actions of sending an email to the customers inciting their abandoned carts, bundled with a special offer should be good enough to lead to some more sales.

3. Send Wish List Reminders
While dealing with the problems of having abandoned, carts don’t forget forgotten wishlists.

If a customer has a wishlist than it means that he/she is interested in that particular product. This very fact means that it will be very easy for you to sell that product to the customer in consideration with very little effort.

You can tackle this problem similarly like the previous one, by sending emails and offering some coupons.

But most of the time, a reminder email is enough to get them to buy the item.

4. Don’t forget Email Subscribers
Speaking of e-mails, don’t underestimate the potential of an email when it comes to online marketing and e-commerce. Any practicing e-commerce site owner or expert can tell you; emails easily outperform social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Over 60% of people have subscribed to an email list just because they might get special offers and coupons. About 70% of all the coupons and offers sent through emails are used. Nearly 80% of people check out marketing emails alongside their personal emails on a daily basis. Do you see the potential know?

Emails also provide you a larger canvas to elaborate about your products that social media sites can never manage. Take the time to craft an appealing and creative email to inform your customers about some new products on your site and try to gain their attention. Then wait and see the magic happen.

5. Make influential Email Campaigns
As we were just talking, utilizing your email subscribers is fundamental and crucial for a successful e-commerce site. It is not enough to merely have your hands on a boatload of leads. Use these leads effectively.

Send new customers a welcome message. Let them know that their recently ordered item is being processed. Send newsletters to let them know of discounts or special offers.

All these will have a positive effect on your customers, subtly leading them to develop a closeness with your brand.

Having a great email campaign will highly benefit your e-commerce site. Furthermore, emails have an ROI of 4300% which is huge and engaging in the activity will also supplement content marketing.

6. Have more Product Reviews
People won't trust you as much as they will trust a previous buyer. Even this buyer will be subject to skepticism unless multiple buyers are in agreement. This is the general case of “go where the people flow”(sorry I made that phrase up, but you understand what I am saying).

You see, product reviews will serve as a testimonial of sorts. Having multiple reviews for an enlisted product will affirm its popularity and its dependency.

Your customer will see that many people use it, like it, and he/she liking the product too.

This also helps with SEO optimization by increasing content on a page as well as helps with keywords.

E-commerce has captured the attention of so many business-minded people because you need very little investment compared to a physical, real-life business.

It wouldn’t make much sense if, in the end, you had to invest a big sum of money just to get customers.

These tips are sure to increase your overall traffic and sales figures. You can try one of them out each day over a span of a week, then evaluate the changes to find the perfect combination to suit your business.

By 73lines