6 Features Not to Miss Out in Your ecommerce Store

When you create an online store using any of the online store builder software application, it does not necessarily become a great success. You might be starving with less viewer ship and wondering what went wrong. The reason for this letdown is probably because you missed out on the following great features that should be present in all ecommerce websites.

A great platform:
The online store builder platform you choose plays an important part in deciding the fate of your Ecommerce store. If it does not allow you to add all essential functionality present in leading competitor stores, then your store is guaranteed to fail miserably. Opt for an Ecommerce Development Solution provider to design a great Odoo ecommerce store.

Getting more personal with customers:
Even if you have a small business venture you can get more personal with the small customer base you have to gain considerable market value. Personal offers and discounts as well as features if provided to your customers will increase their loyalty. A single loyal customer is worth a thousand visitors.

Add an About us Section:
When creating an Ecommerce website or any business website for the matter, you should always have an "About Us" Section. Your customers or potential customers need to know about your business as well as the legacy of your company. Sometimes they would be reluctant to conduct business with you if you do not have a clear cut history detailed out before them in your corporate website.

Product listing and Search:
You need to have products arranged in a well laid interface and not only that you need to offer users with an intuitive product search utility wherein they can easily find the product they are looking for with as few clicks or page navigations as possible.

As with any application or utility tool, people are going to have a lot of doubts pertaining to using your store and for that to be cleared; it is advisable to have a Frequently Asked Questions section in your website. It would help people clear most of their doubts on their own without having to get in touch with a customer service executive thereby reducing the need for extra staff as well.

Have a Blog section:

One of the best ways to keep your website lively and springing with life is to maintain a company blog. If you have an Ecommerce website for example, you can blog about the products or areas your store concentrates on and this would help to improve your website visibility in search engines as well.

So if you include the above features, then you can easily make your ecommerce website more effective. Do not miss out on the Odoo Ecommerce theme design, features and SEO factor as it is more likely to cause more damage if not implemented correctly.

By 73lines