5 Tips to Boost your ECommerce Startup Sales

Technologies have made it easy to start an ECommerce Business, however it's not that easy feat. Since being a startup you possess very limited resources and you need to accomplish a lot in order to get on top of this industry. However as soon as you start getting sales, it becomes easy for you to get onto the right track. Your revenue acts as a fuel for your venture. Thus we have listed few tips that can help to boost your sales being an startup:

Site Speed
The most important tip to grow your business and sales is to have a website which loads faster. According to the research, it’s found that a delay of one second can reduce the conversion by 7%, it shows the importance of site speed in sales. Customers gets irritated with slow sites, and while your page loads, they try to find another site with similar product which leads to loss of sale several time to you. Ideally the page load time should not exceed 2 seconds.

Social Proof
On-line world has now been filled with several scams and frauds thus people are reliable on reviews and helps from community with same interest. They feel assured when someone else is doing the same thing, they are looking to do. Thus it's very important for your size to have several social proof of your product usage, to give confidence to new users and convert them into sales.

Customer Testimonials
Use of customer testimonials is quite old, however it’s still playing an important role in converting your visitors into customers. Since message sent through the customer testimonials directly hit through the mind and emotion of visitors about the product and others experience make them confident to move with it. You need to get the quotes and reviews of your customers and prominently display with Ecommerce Design on your site.

You may have seen Logos of trusted partners on B2B sites, which gives customers a reliability of service they are supposed, since they are aware of these popular businesses you are partnered with. However it's not possible to get such logos for B2C websites, but you can surely show some logos of popular and big media houses who have covered you to attain the reliability of your users using Odoo Ecommerce Store Design.

Customer Statistics
Just like you, statistics play an important role for your customer too to understand the credibility of your website. Thus if you can showcase some of the past or real time stats of your business it can help your new visitors a lot. You can showcase several statistics on your website like real time users, number of registered users, your social counts, subscribers etc.

By 73lines