5 Surefire Ways Optimize Your Sales

You may get confused thinking about the ways which can help you to motivate your visitors and make them purchase on your website. However, payment, product filters, referencing tags, product data-sheets are some important things to be considered for optimizing your website and bring out more sales.

Today, Odoo Ecommerce is demanding among crowd. So, here are top five ways you can perform your store audit and optimize your sales-

The first thing which brings attention of users is the favicon used on your site, thus, you need to get some really good one’s to convert your visitors into sales. For customizing your favicon, you can either design yourself or you can visit some favicon generators, select some element from your logo which can be easily recognized, save it in .ico format. Once it’s generated upload it to your site and you are ready.

Introductory phrase and referencing tags:
Introductory phrases and referencing tags let your visitors understand what they are going to find on your website. Thus you need to be sure that while referencing your are entering should be corresponding exactly to your business. You need to list down your keywords for writing your own referencing tags. If you want to customize it, then you can do from your back office. 

Free Delivery:
If you are offering free delivery to your customers, it will be better if you state the same on your homepage. It will give a strong incentive to users for viewing your catalog. This is an excellent argument to convert visitors into sales, and it should be clearly showcased.

Classify the products:
The better user experiences you need to classify the products into categories they belong to. There can be several numbers of categories you can create. Example: If you are selling mobile phones you can categorize them into categories depending operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows etc, or by Brands like Samsung, Apple, Nokia. It will help the users to easily navigate through products with their specific preferences. You can display these categories either on top navigation menu or into your left or right sidebars.

Payment Gateway:
You need to be sure that payment gateway you are offering is what your targeted visitors prefer to use. In the UK more than 80% of buyers like to make payment with their credit cards, thus having only PayPal as payment option may lead you to lose a sale. Also if you are accepting payment through credit cards, you can state that on your homepage or other pages to appeal your potential customers.

All the above mentioned tips will be efficiently employed by a reliable Odoo Ecommerce development service provider. There are many providers of quality Odoo Ecommerce Theme Design services.

By 73lines