4 Most Important Benefits of Product Reviews

An estimated 89 percent of the consumers believe that online product reviews are trustworthy. Another study found that 85 percent of the consumers would be more likely to make the purchase in the face of recommendations by real consumers.

This should be motivation enough for ecommerce businesses to invest in building a robust review system on their website. Indeed, the Odoo e-commerce platform features multiple product review modules from third party developers. Businesses can choose the module that has all the features they need. Yet, a large number of e-commerce businesses fail to utilize this incredibly powerful feature to its fullest. That’s why, it’s time to take a hard look at the various benefits offered by product reviews.

Benefits Of Odoo Product Reviews

  • Lend Credibility

Product reviews are up to 12 times more valued and trusted than product descriptions by the consumers. As they are generated organically by the consumers who have already used the product, prospective consumers value them strongly. In fact, more than 61 percent of the consumers check online reviews before making a purchase, irrespective of whether they are purchasing online or offline. If those reviews are available along with the product, then they are more likely to purchase from the same website.

In addition, Odoo ecommerce has built in review system, which ecommerce owners can utilize to get products reviewed by buyers. 

On top of this, Odoo platform can be integrated with highly trusted review systems like Trustpilot. These review systems are highly reputed for their fair system, and that gives the listed products a certain degree of credibility. 

  • Offer Valuable Insights to Businesses

Businesses spend a ton of money studying, surveying, and analyzing their consumers’ product and service preferences, so that they can stay a step ahead of their competitors. With product reviews, they can get all that information directly from the horse’s mouth, aka users. If a product is bad, then the reviews would reflect that, including what’s wrong with the product.

If you are using a review module that gives you full control of the reviews on your Odoo ecommerce website, you’ll naturally assign a person to moderate them. The moderator can keep track of the negative reviews and update the management on the most common complaints, which can be implemented as product improvements. 

  • Organic SEO

Fresh, relevant, and useful content is always ranked higher by search engines. Consumer reviews are wonderful because they are completely organic and the keywords are very natural. As consumers tend to search in [Product] + [Review] format, the webpages with product reviews would be ranked higher by search engines.

It is important to note that search engines value the reviews on fair systems like Trustpilot. So, if you want to take advantage of this on the search engines, then you need to integrate your Odoo ecommerce website with Trustpilot.

  1. Impact on Revenue

It is universal knowledge that product reviews have a significant impact on sales. But, what many people don’t know is that they have an especially overwhelming impact on the service businesses. For instance, in the restaurant business, a single star improvement in rating can produce 5% - 9% percent increase in the restaurant’s revenues. That’s massive! By consistently delivering better quality of products and services, businesses can reach and continue to maintain their leadership position. What’s more, the consumers are already happily sharing what they want more from the product.

Tackling the Limitations of Product Reviews
So, why are e-commerce businesses not leveraging the product reviews to their advantage?

Sadly, the answer is quite simple – it takes a significant amount of human resources and time to manage the product reviews on e-commerce websites.

Depending on the size of the e-commerce website, and the number of people buying and reviewing their purchases, an e-commerce business may be required to assign one, dozens, or more people for only reviewing and managing the various reviews they receive for the products on their website. This can lead to significant cost implications for the business. However, Odoo tackles this by providing highly efficient review systems that require only the bare minimum manpower.

Secondly, any attempt by the business to censor or control the review system will likely be met with a major backlash. A customer with a poor experience with the product may share a scathing product review. When censored, the customer may take to business review websites to share his ire against the product as well as the e-commerce business for not allowing him to share his experience.

One way of managing this problem is by keeping the review system as organic as possible. The businesses should have a strict but transparent decency policy for the review system. This way, the reviewers will know why their review is being censored. The product review modules on Odoo offer the businesses full control of the product reviews. They can delete, edit, moderate, and approve reviews as per their policies. This inherently creates an untrustworthy system for the customers.

To overcome this problem, businesses can use third-party product review modules such as Trustpilot, which are renowned for their fairness. This way, the e-commerce business can maintain the quality of its reviews as well as the fairness perception of its review system.

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